Taiga Nova Industrial Park

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TaigaNova Eco-Industrial Park is the first of its kind in the city. The Eco-Industrial park offers a place for green businesses, such as the eco-friendly car wash and bottle depot. The goals of the industrial park are to benefit the environment and the economy while providing services for the community. The Eco-Industrial Park also has business, commercial, and industrial lots available.

Developed by Wood Buffalo Housing & Development Corp and build by Light House, Taiga Nova is “the first built-out, profitable, unsubsidized EIP in North America.” The eco-industrial park measures 23 hectares and has 27 lots. The lots are zones as highway commercial or business industrial, and most range from 0.34 ha to 1.97 ha. This is a great place to find commercial and industrial lots, because of the planned construction here..

The eco-industrial park features many environmental features, such as alternative storm water management. In addition, businesses here often work together to find new environmental practices. If you’re looking to start a business here, then you’ll appreciate preferred parking for hybrids and carpool vehicles. Contact us today for help in buying your commercial property.