What You Need To Know Before Choosing A Career In The Real Estate Industry

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If you’re looking for a career that offers you flexible hours and a platform to push yourself professionally, a career in real estate is an excellent choice. Becoming a real estate agent requires investment, but enables you to work for yourself. It also requires you to work hard and face challenges head-on. If you aren’t afraid to be assertive and think on your feet, you’re a good match for this field. Moreover, you’ll receive the opportunity to build your business from the ground up and do it on your own terms.

However, before you take a plunge into the real estate industry, you’ll need to get a clear understanding of the requirements to succeed as a professional. To help you out, Caitlin McQuilter Real Estate has explained what you need to know before choosing a career in the real estate industry.

Educational qualifications

To be a Real Estate Professional in Alberta, you must first complete the RECA’s (Real Estate Council of Alberta) educational requirements. The first course you must take is the “Fundamentals of Real Estate,” which is an online course, followed by a proctored exam. This course has an allowance of eighteen months to complete. Once you’ve successfully passed the fundamentals, you’re required to choose your specialty. It can be in residential real estate, commercial real estate, property management, or mortgages. Depending on which you want, you must then complete the respective course and their proctored exams. After you complete your education, you can work with the professionals to learn the trade. Some real estate agents offer to mentor newer agents once they’ve completed their formal education. Check with the brokers around you to see who may be available to you.

There are no other educational requirements in Alberta (and Canada), as real estate is a self-covered industry. Just remember that a designation or license is required by law to practice this profession.

Each year, you will be required to complete additional educational requirements before you're able to renew your license come September 30th. 

Required skills and talents

As the real estate profession is service-based, you’ll need to improve your interpersonal skills to deliver excellent customer service. Time management, sales, and personal work ethic are equally essential traits and skills you’ll need to succeed as an agent. Alongside these attributes, you must also be flexible with your clients and your schedule. Other essential skills include attention to detail to ensure you’re compliant with due diligence to your client.

Earning and opportunities for real estate agents

The real estate profession is completely commission-based. So, your earnings will depend entirely on your ability and determination to buy and sell properties. As a new agent, the pay may not be significant for at least the first six months. This is because you won’t be carrying out as much work as experienced agents. But once you build your clientele and reputation, you’re more likely to see a gradual increase in income.

On the bright side of being a real estate agent, you can grow at your own pace and in your own style. If you’re willing to put in the hard work and hours, it’ll all pay off, that much is guaranteed. Another great perk is the number of amazing people you get to meet! If you enjoy speaking to people and building connections with individuals and professionals, the real estate industry has a great variety of people for you to meet.

Simultaneously, as a real estate associate in any field, you have some flexibility in your schedule. Unfortunately, while you’re not confined to a nine to five office job, you need to be available to your clients when required. That means you may have to work at 8.00 am or well into the night. It all depends on your clients. If you like a good long vacation, you need to prepare yourself to take work calls and emails while you’re away from the office. But if you plan your holiday according to your peak seasons, you should be able to enjoy yourself more and have fewer work calls.

For more details on a career as a real estate professional, reach out as I am a licensed real estate associate in Fort Mcmurray, AB. I’m a hard-working mother of two, and I can proudly say that my job as a real estate agent has enabled me to enjoy my life as a mother to the fullest. Besides selling houses in the traditional sense, I also help my clients spruce up their property through home staging so that it attracts buyers. I’ve been in this industry for five years now and am happy to be helping people achieve their dreams while obtaining my own.

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